The search engine for bots called the 7 best chat bots of the year

Search service for bots ChatBottle announced the results of the election of the best chat-bot, reports VentureBeat.

More than 15 industry experts from the United States, Europe, and Asia hae prepared 35 bots-nominees in some categories: travel, productivity, social interaction, e-commerce, entertainment, and news. The winner was given a 10-day custom vote.

Best travel bot: Instalocate
Chatbot for Facebook Messenger, which tracks flights by flight number and notifies travelers about delays.

Best bot for productivity: Meekan
The platform for scheduling, working with different calendars. Allows you to synchronize plans with anyone, in any schedule, and it’s straightforward. Also, Meekan understands the requests formulated by natural language.

Best social bot: Foxy
Foxy allows you to find the most suitable and exciting contacts in Facebook Messenger – a kind of alternative to Tinder.

Best bot for entertainment: BFF Trump
The bot developers created it to draw attention to the aggressive rhetoric of Donald Trump and encourage US citizens to vote for their values. BFF Trump will remain relevant for the next four years.

Best bot for e-commerce: ChatShopper
The first fashionable chat for Facebook Messenger – asks users about preferences in the field of fashion and offers specific models of clothing and footwear in return.

Best news bot: TechCrunch
Helps you get the latest news in areas that are important to the user. There is an opportunity to subscribe to different topics, authors or sections of the site. The bot will send links to articles immediately after they are released.

Editor’s choice: Swelly
Swelly – a kind of social network for joint decision-making. Users can vote to help other people make decisions. In the application, there is always one question and two answers. This simplicity attracts: chat-bot has stepped over the line of 1.8 million registered users.

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